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How do I join?
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Q: What is FCM?

A: The Fellowship of Christian Modelers, or FCM, is a non-profit organization of modelers who enjoy modeling while still maintaining their faith in Christ as their first priority.

Q: What is the basis for FCM's beliefs?

A: We believe that the bible is the perfect word of God, that Jesus Christ is the perfect sacrifice for our sins and the promise of eternal life is for all who would believe.

Q: What does FCM do?

A: We have a national prayer chain; we host worship services at contests; we send a newsletter to encourage members; we maintain a web site for modelers; and we advocate Christ whenever and wherever we are able.

We provide members with T-shirts, bumper stickers and decals to help them identify themselves with FCM and the cause of Jesus Christ. We also host an annual contest at the AMA National Flying site.

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Q: How do I join?

A: It is simple. Just complete our online form. We will be pleased to welcome you into the club!

Q: What does it cost?

A: Nothing. FCM is a faith-based ministry. That is, we operate on voluntary donations alone. There are no yearly dues, So far, God has supplied our every need. When He stops doing that, we fold our tents and leave, but not before!

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Q: How can I help?

A: (1)You may want to host a worship service at your local contest. If that is the case contact us and we will provide you with a packet of information. (2) You may be willing to serve on the prayer chain. If you are willing to pray for the needs of other modelers, contact us. (3) You may be able to help financially. Contact treasurer Will Hinton for more information.

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Q: When did the FCM come about? to What is the history of FCM?

A: Over twenty people attended a small devotional service at the Sig contest in 1995. There were four men at that service who became our original board of directors. Since then, we have grown beyond c/l stunt into the other c/l disciplines, r/c, and free-flight.

FCM has conducted devotional services at the Nats in Muncie, IN since 1996; at the Indoor Nats in Johnson City, TN; at the AMA Grand Event in Muncie, IN; at the VSC in Tuscan, AZ; and at the Howe Combat contest in Yorktown, IN; the Joe Noll Fly-In, and the TOC, just to name a few.

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The current Board:

Will Hinton
Allen Goff
Joe Bolden
Pete Bergstrom
Walter Umland



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